Create A Dungeon

Create A Dungeon That Even the Maid Won’t Know About!


Every dom/sub needs a place to escape and play and nothing says, or rather screams, naughty playtime like your very own dungeon. Of course a room dedicated solely to your kinkier side isn’t always so practical, which is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to create your very own dungeon in your bedroom, complete with your favourite bondage accessories that can be set up and packed away in minutes.

Turn Your Bed Into a Restraint Station

A good dungeon will always have a spot to …

Latex clothing care and maintenance

How to Care for Latex Clothing and Stop the Chafe


Fetish toys and clothing come in many forms – this week we explore latex – this range of fetish sex toys is an example!

Kinky, sexy, skin tight, and wet looking; latex clothing is a must-have item for any true BDSM enthusiast, but it can rub the wrong way, be hard to get into and even harder to get out of, and sometimes it can even fall apart. Yet even with all these difficulties I wouldn’t be without it and I’ve got that one outfit that always makes me …

Tying the Knot: An Intro to Rope Bondage

Tying the Knot: An Intro to Rope Bondage

Let the bad rope puns begin as we take you through this quick intro to the basics of rope tying. It’s knot for everyone, (don’t say we didn’t warn you), but rope bondage is an experience that can really bind you to your partner and is a staple of bondage play for many BDSM enthusiasts (awesome sex toy and BDSM guide). It’s great for keeping your submissive in place plus it creates an unforgettable and incredibly erotic scene. But if you think that all you needed were a willing …

Tickling Fetish?! – Yep!!

Tickle Me Pink! No Seriously … Tickle Me!


We all know that laughing in bed can be a great way to relieve some tension and awkwardness but did you know that for some it can be a turn on? But they’re not looking for a good joke during coitus they’re looking for a tickle! It’s true, some people just love to get tickled or be the one doing the tickling and it can be quite a turn on for those that dig a tickly touch.

Of course any BDSM lover knows about tickling already, but usually in our world it’s …

The Etiquette of Group Sex

“Do You Mind if I Put That There … Please?”

The Do’s and Don’ts of Group Sex Etiquette

Miss Manners never had an answer for how to behave in an orgy, so call me Mistress Manners and let the education begin as I let you know exactly how you’re expected to behave when everyone is romping around naked and getting kinky in what some call a Poly Play Party.

Now it may seem like an orgy or group sex would be a free for all where anything goes, but it turns out that there is a certain degree of etiquette …